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DC Type & RC Type Fender

YMI Marine Fenders are specialized fenders that offer a cushioning effect to ships, boats, and other naval vessels when they collide with other vessels, wharves, piers, ports, or berths. The secure interaction between berthing vessels and berth structures is provided by marine fender systems. The main purpose of marine fender systems is to absorb and convert the vessel's kinetic energy into reaction forces that can be sustained by the berthing structure and hull.

YMI's Rubber Fenders are the simplest and most appropriate solution for a wide range of applications in areas used as wharf moorage, guaranteeing long-lasting performance and requiring no maintenance. The type of fender and the location of installation determine whether the rubber fenders are bolted on or shackled with chain. The front panel and face pad can be included or not included with the natural rubber fender. The marine natural rubber fender is constructed of high-quality natural rubber that may be utilized on a variety of wharves, jetties, docks, piers, and boats.

Boat fenders and bumpers from YMI are intended to protect your vessel from damage caused by a variety of events. Bumping against your dock or mooring will almost certainly result in ugly scratches on your boat's side. The cost of repairing one of them may be extremely high. Hull damage might potentially cause your boat to scuttle while docked. Boat fenders and bumpers, on the other hand, can help you retain the worth of your boat and prevent a difficult insurance claim. This is an example of how an ounce of prevention may save you a pound of treatment money.

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    The fenders are commonly used on floating pontoons and inland waterways for lock protection.

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